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Renters Insurance Coverages

Renters Insurance from the National General Insurance Homeowners Program* provides broad coverage for your personal property and more – for a surprisingly affordable rate!

Renters Insurance coverage options include:

  • Personal property coverage – protection for your personal property or possessions.
  • Medical expense coverage – coverage of medical expenses to others as a result of bodily injury up to a certain limit.
  • Liability coverage – that protects you against certain risks for bodily injury or property damage, with additional limits available.
  • Optional Coverage: Various optional coverages are available so that you can tailor coverage to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Renters Insurance Limitations and Explanations of Coverage

  • As with most insurance, our policies have per-category limits for certain items such as jewelry and furs. If the value of your property exceeds these limits, you can seek an appraisal for the worth of your valuables and purchase the additional extended coverage that you require.
  • We also provide coverage to protect against accidents and injuries that occur in your home, as well as outside of your home that are caused by you or your property. (This does not include automobile accidents.) This liability coverage includes legal defense costs, if you are taken to court over such an accident.
  • Loss of use coverage provides for you if your rental residence is uninhabitable as a result of any of the named perils. That means that we will pay for you to live somewhere else while your residence is being repaired. The limit on this type of coverage may vary.

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*Insurance Policies purchased through the National General Insurance Homeowners Program are underwritten by select providers of homeowners, renters, condo, and other specialty insurance. Underwriting partners and coverage options vary by state and type of policy.

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