The National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount

Pay for what you use, and nothing more

Would you buy a whole pizza if you only wanted a slice?

Common sense says to only use what you need - and only pay for what you use. That's the idea behind the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount, where OnStar subscribers who drive less, save more on their auto insurance.

Customers who switch to National General Insurance save an average of $451 a year. With the Low-Mileage Discount, you could save even more - up to 54%.

This groundbreaking Pay-As-You-Go insurance program is offered in 35 states to subscribers with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics who drive less than 15,000 miles a year.

The best part is, we'll do all the work for you. We'll confirm your mileage based on your OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reports; no additional data is used for any purpose.

And there's no penalty for driving more than 15,000 miles - in fact, you still get a discount simply for having an active OnStar subscription.

Start Saving Now

More than 30,000 customers are saving more with the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount. Are you one of them?

Call 1-888-311-5457 and mention Preferred Customer Code ONLA.

And enjoy savings on your auto insurance, with the premium protection you deserve.