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Mexico Insurance Features and Benefits

What do you get when you protect your car, RV or motorcycle with Mexico insurance provided through our partnership with ABA Seguros? The certainty of being properly and legally covered while driving through Mexico.

And of course, you’ll get the same exceptional attention to personalized service and flexible coverages that you expect with any National General Insurance product or service. You’ll enjoy:

  • Government Approved Mexico Insurance – Did you know that your US insurer cannot provide liability coverage in Mexico? At National General Insurance we offer authorized locally based Mexico auto insurance with all the required liability and other coverages necessary under Mexican law.

  • Flexible packages – Once your basic coverages are fulfilled, enjoy the flexibility of additional coverages and services that you would expect from National General Insurance, compliments of our Mexico Insurance partner ABA Seguros – one of the largest and finest resident auto insurers in Mexico.

  • Your guide to Mexico driving laws – When the rules of the road differ, as they do from country to country, be sure you have local expertise standing behind you in case of accident or other loss.

  • Bail bond and legal aid – Did you know that if you leave your vehicle at the scene of an auto accident, it could be seized? Did you know that in most instances of bodily injury liability you will be sent to jail? All Mexico insurance policies with ABA Seguros include guaranteed bail bond and legal assistance.

  • Qualified Repairs at qualified locations – If you have an accident or breakdown, rest assured that your vehicle will be towed to a qualified repair shop and be properly taken care of. Or, you can return the vehicle to the U.S. for repairs.

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Mexico Insurance

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