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National General Lender Services is the most effective and compliant provider of mortgage and auto lender-placed protection solutions, insurance products and risk management services. We serve mortgage and auto lenders, mortgage servicers, and financial institutions of all sizes, all across the country.

Our focus as your consultative partner is to deliver solutions that contribute to meeting your strategic and operational goals, while being compliant with all legal and investor requirements. We consistently execute on our commitment to deliver award-winning service to your customers, all while helping to protect your brand and investor relationships with guaranteed and proven results.

Customized lender-placed insurance solutions for your mortgage loan portfolio:

  • Mitigate your risks and protect your mortgage loan assets.
  • Provide guidance through the legislative and regulatory landscape through tools like our ComplianceTrack system, which identifies compliance-related risks. Learn more here.
  • Improve your customers' experience and enrich their relationship with you. Learn more here.
  • Protect your entire portfolio through our comprehensive insurance tracking solution. Learn more here.


A comprehensive auto risk management solution to track and recover insurance on damaged and repossessed vehicles:

  • Collateral protection insurance
  • Advanced insurance tracking systems
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • RepoSourceĀ® - fully integrated system that enables vehicles to be inspected within days of repossession, upload appraisals directly into the workflow to file and manage claims in a single system


Read more about auto risk management.


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